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Honey is natural instant source of energy.It is highly rich with carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose and disaccharides almost 82%.According to studies,after consuming honey,it is digested and dissolved into blood in 20 minutes which is fastest approach of any food item.

The 31% of Glucose merge rapidly and provide immediate energy and 32.8% of fructose is slow dissolving and  take time to dissolve which provide sustain energy.It is known that honey has also been a constant source of energy as compared to any sugar.

If a person suffered in hypoglycemia, honey will be very useful to him,2 or 3 spoon of honey is cure for him.It gives him immediate supply of glucose energy which balance his sugar level into blood.

It contains many enzymes which participate in  metabolic activities of body.These enzymes are very essential for reactions happening in our body,it enhances the activity of body cells.

  • Regular use of honey in the morning causes destruction of fat cells which improve your body activity.
  • Honey is known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting the performance.It prevent from muscle fatigue.
  • It is estimated that 1 Kg of honey contains more than 3000 calories.If you are athlete then take a spoon of honey before jogging and run an extra mile.If you are feeling down and lazy,take a spoon of honey into tea or coffee instead of sugar,it gives you a refreshing surge of energy.
  • Pure honey is a natural immunity booster and gives many other health benefits too,it protect one from allergies and making cells more efficient and strong.
  • Honey contains many antioxidants which cleanse your body of various toxins,anti carcinogens which prevent cancer.The regular use of honey keep your skin clear,maintain your weight to a healthy level,fulfill the basic need of energy of body which makes you feel fresh.

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